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My refund policy is simple.  If you are not happy and I can't make you happy after you tell me what the problem is just say the words, I want a Refund.  Send me that at my email address or on my facebook page and I'll refund your first $50 deposit that started me working for you.

Basically we have a month to month contract where after I first build your website and get it up and running for you, you continue to pay me every month to see that it stays up and running and to make changes and tweaks as you desire.  Once it is up and running you can at any point tell me that you no longer want to do business with me for whatever reason  and you can stop paying the monthly fee.  If you stop paying the fee, I'll take the website down and that will be that.  There is no refunding of monthly on going maintanance fee. If you don't want the website up anymore just stop paying the monthly maintance fee and the site will go down at the end of that month.

I work very fast but you don't have to.  You can take your time and I will work with you as you provide me the information you want.  If we have not figured out what you want after a month or so, I'll just give you back your money because if we have not figure out what you want by then we are both wasting our time.

There is about 12 hours of labor in this website.  Basically I did it all in one long evening of work.  That includes everything from designing and making the favicon to buying and registering the Domain Name, to uploading it all to the Server and getting into what they call the propagation stage when you get an email that says this:  "Please allow up to 72 hours for DNS propagation" which can take a day or two before the information is all distributed world wide to all the servers so the site can work and anyone can find it.

Technically I own the website that I build for you.  That is why I can place it on my server under my hosting plan and you don't have to worry about paying additional hosting fees or worry about making sure you don't lose your domain name because you let your domain renewal fees laps and you end up losing your domain name because of that. 

I am what is called a Webmaster.  No matter how you put up a website, you never really "Own" either the hosting of it or even the Domain name you get.  Those are both items that you rent from someone. In this case, you are getting those two things provided to you though me, and I'm the one you have to pay the rent to. 

It's really no different than if you get them directly from another domain name seller/register or domain name host.  In the end you only own or let's call it "Control" your domain name if you keep paying for it year after year and the same thing is true with web hosting.  If you stop paying for the hostings company for letting you have a website hosted with them, they cut you off and your website goes offline or what is called your website down; meaning that no one can find it when they type in your domain name anymore. 

No matter how you go about putting up a website, someone has to take care of that website, maintain it, fix problems that come up, make changes to it, add new content to it from time to time depending upon what kind of website it is, you have to have what is known as a Webmaster who you might want to think of as the "Caretaker" of your website. 

I am the Webmaster for your website; and I say your website because it is your website.  You are in the same control of your website as I am in control of my websites.  If I stop paying for the "Rental" of my domain names, theworldaccordingtorandy.com or thephilippinetravelreview.com or webdesignbyrandy.com, I will lose control over those domain names and someone else can take them and use them.  If I stop paying my hosting company for the right to be able to put my websites on their servers, then my websites will go down and when I type in one of those domain names, I will get an error message that says "DNS (Domain Name Server) can not be found.  Maybe the website has moved or is down etc." 

So it's no different for you except instead of you paying for Webmaster services, someone to take care of your website and solve problems, fix things and make changes and additions to content as needed, ie: the caretaker of the website, and then paying separately for the rental of the "Domain Name" that is how people find your website, and then paying separately for hosting services, I have rolled all those problems and responsibilities into one package for you which takes care of all your needs so you don't have any problems  to worry about.

This is exactly how my Bank for example, runs their online banking service. They pay an outside company, the "Webmaster" to build and maintain the online banking website. Just like the bank, you just pay one small monthly fee to me and as your employee, your "Webmaster" (caretaker and creator of your website) I mow the grass, trim the hedges, plant new flowers, fertilize the lawn, fix broken sprinklers, pick up the dog poop and basically you just enjoy the view living in the the mansion.  I do all the work, you get all the benefits.

So what happens if you stop paying your caretaker.  Your place goes to the dogs and pretty soon it doesn't look so good right?  It's really just like any other contract arrangment you make with any employee.  I work for you, and because I build the website for you, at no additional upfront costs, I know where all the sprinker lines are burried and so when something breaks or goes wrong, I know how to fix it quickly and easily and I keep the lawn looking nice for you.  You just enjoy the benefits of my constant labor, behind the scenes, on your behalf.  

So don't get hung up on who owns what "Technically."  I'm like any employee, I just want my wages each month and I don't want to lose my job, so I want to keep my employer, (you) happy.  

No!  I'm not using ANY Templates or any of those types of "Do it yourself" canned website building software.  I have paid for Professional Software that is very powerful that is designed for building a webpage from a blank page.  And I used more than one type of software to build your website.  For example, if you look at my business website, thephilippinetravelreview.com     and notice the dropdown menu used on that website, that is different software than the rest of the site is build with.

You're website will start out as a blank page and together we will figure out what you want and I will build it from scratch...No canned template crap!  I will use programs like Adobe Photoshop to create customs special Texts etc like the Header you see on my theworldaccordingtorandy.com page.

That is one of the best benefits for you having me as, not only your webmaster, but website creator too. I'm the one who has to worry about all those things, not you.  If there are any problems or complaints, they come to me, because remember "Technically" as the creator, it's my work and my creativity, so I'm the one who is legally responsible for any problems, not you!

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