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The best way to know about me, Randy Wilson, is to visit the websites listed on the home page.  My whole life is pretty much documented in those websites. 

In a nut shell I'm a retired American living the good life in the Philippines where I have been for the last 16 years since 2001.  I have a lot of time on my hands and I'm really good at computer stuff and music.  I'm just a very creative talented guy who loves building websites and pretty much doing anything with a computer.  I'm easy to work with and I enjoy helping other out.

I'm a regular guy who was married for 30 years in the USA got Divorced at age 50 and then moved to the Philippines to have a second life.  I raised 7 kids in the USA along with a lot of foster kids and got into computers right from the get go and have been learning more every day since they first came out.  I remember running a Red Wing Shoe Store in St. Joseph Missouri back in the 80's I think it was and I was using a Commodore computer and writing a program to keep track of sales in my store. I just love working with computers and I got into website building way back then.

I find the day and age we live in to be just fantastic when it comes to technology.  I just can't get enough of it.  So if computers are not your thing or you just don't have time to build and maintain your own website, then you came to the right guy.  I have nothing but time on my hands and the more of it I can spend on Computer the happier I am.

Actually I have been building things whether that be a cabin or a house or a Red Lion in Elko Nevada as long as I'm building something I'm pretty content.

Used to own and run my own recording studio in Provo Utah prior to coming to the Philippines
Cabin built with nothing but a chain saw. Cut down the trees milled the lumber with a one man band saw mill and with my children built this Hunting cabin to sell.  Sold it for 10k cash with 6 acres of land.
right to left Matthew - Randy - Ryan - Rain - Nicholas
Right to left Matthew - Nicholas - Randy - Rain - Ryan
Randy -EZ and Ammon
A dinning room floor installed at a friends house using FREE flooring scraps  I salvaged from a Flooring place that was giving them away for firewood.
I have been involved in music since I was 15 years old here I am in the second band of my career.
Randy and the Cabin Crew from Left to right - Randy, Matthew, Ryan, Nicholas and my only daughter Rain Marie
Web Design
Web Design
Web Design
Web Design
Web Design
Me when I was living in Bohol 2003
Randy at at 16 living in Ojai California.
My first born child, my one and only daughter Rain Marie
Me when I was living in Carcar Cebu and visiting the squatters in Toledo
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