Building a website is no easy task and if you have already tried you know what I'm talking about. Do you even know what alt text is or Mega tags or what a favicon is or why you should care? Do you know what SEO is or how to do it?  And if you think building a website is difficult, try buying a domain name, and getting that registered online.  Once that is done, you still have to upload your website to your new domain name location, in a server and get it in the right folders and if you have never seen the inside of a server and don't have a clue what CPanel is and you have never used FTP programs like FileZilla you know you are way over your head trying to do this yourself. And who do you trust to host your website?  There are just so many things involved like getting it listed with Google and all the other search engines out there. 

That is where I come in.  Hi, I'm Randy Wilson I do everything for you.  You just talk to me via Facebook on private message or via email and you tell me what you need.  When I say I do everything for you, I mean exactly that.  I pay for and register your Domain name, I pay for the hosting of your website, and I not only build but I will maintain your website so you don't have to do anything more complicated than sending me a message on Facebook when you want to add - change or tweak something.

Now what is all this service going to cost you?  Just $50 a month flat with a guarantee that that fee will never go up for as long as you continually keep up with your monthly service fee; and a further guarantee that you will be satisfied with my services.  The last thing I need is an unhappy customer.  You're the boss. I'm just your worker and I do what I'm told. How does that sound to you?

What do you get exactly?

1.    You get a custom built website with UNLIMINTED PAGES
2.    You get unlimited storage for your website on the server
3.    You get your own domain name free and I pay all renewal domain fees
4.    You get your Website HOSTED right along side my own websites.
5.    You get free maintenance and changes for your website as needed.
6.    I do all the SEO and you sit back and just enjoy!

If you have looked into what it cost just to buy a domain name, and then what it cost to get a website hosted by Go Daddy or any of the other host websites, you already know that $50 a month to get everything I have just listed is a fantastic deal.  Now let me explain why I'm willing to do this.

I love building websites; And I'm really good at it.  On top of that I already have my own websites which I have had for years now and the web hosting service I pay for allows me to put up as many websites as I want without additional cost.  That's right it sounds crazy but that is the deal I have.  I pay one Annual Fee and I can have 100 or 1000 websites as long as I want to build them and also buy a domain name for each of them.  Now we all know talk is Cheap... Go look at this Website. This is my main personal website and look at my work.

It has more than 750 pages in it and all the features you see in this website you can also have if you want in your website.  Look at how smooth is runs; look at the creativity and color expressed in it.  Listen to some of my music and read along with the Lyrics if you want; watch a video or two. If you want me to build you a website, no matter how simple or how serious or complicated you need, I'm your man. You don't have use .gifs and look like this website. I can make a site as serious as a heart attack if that is what you want and I do it fast and usually within a week total start to finish and I don't ask you for anything but the first $50 payment which will be applied to your first month of hosting with me.  I'm not going to go pay for your domain name and then have you back out of the deal which is why I ask you to show me you are serious by paying the first $50 up front.  It's as simple as that.  I do all the work, I have all the headaches you get all the fun of telling your friends your new website address so they can check it out and be amazed at what you were able to do in such a short amount of time.

Not convinced I can build what you have in mind?  Check out my business website!

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